Biking gear can make cycling safe and enjoyable

When you buy a bicycle you should not forget to buy appropriate biking gear. You will find that cycling is much more safe and enjoyable when you are attired in the right gear. You can ride a bicycle wearing track pants or running shorts but you will find that the best way to go for long distance road rides or bumpy mountain rides is in padded shorts. These are soft and prevent rashes, and make riding more comfortable.

Similarly, you must never ride without a helmet. Also, the helmet must be of superior material that provides both protection and comfort. There is no point in compromising on quality because a low-grade helmet will not save you from head injuries. It may even create problems for your neck if it does not fit well. So, make sure that you go for the best helmet available. Ideally, the helmet should have proper vents to prevent extra-heating during hot weather conditions.

You must also carry a hydration pack, especially if you undertake long-distance cycling. It gives you the extra ease of drinking water, something which is not possible with a water bottle. A water bottle is inconvenient because you have to drink with your head lifted, a pose which makes you lose sight of the track ahead. This results in loss of control and speed. Because of these botherations cyclists often avoid drinking water and end up getting dehydrated. The hydration pack has space for keys, cell phone, energy bar and rain jacket, which is an added advantage. However, you should still keep an extra water bottle for emergency.

You also need goggles for protecting the eyes from the glare of the sun as well as from dust. The recommended color of glasses is orange or yellow. These colors brighten the track, increase visibility and lighten the dark and shady patches. They are also good for low lights during evenings or when the sky is overcast.

Another useful biking aid are half-finger gloves. These gloves keep the fingers free but the palms are protected with padding. They do not develop rashes, and you can cycle for longer hours.

Finally, don’t forget the bike itself. If you have decided to take to cycling for health reasons, invest in an expensive bicycle. Look for one that is lightweight and has good suspension. You will find that cycling is much more fun when you have the basic gear in place.

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