Pick your cycling shorts carefully

Do not go by brand names or sizes when selecting your cycling shorts. Find one that fits you most comfortably. Ideally, you should try the shorts before buying them. This is important because each brand has its own styling. You need one that does not restrict your leg movements or put pressure on your waist or crotch.

You should also ensure that the sorts don’t cut deeply into your body or affect your breathing. Another point to check is their fit. If they are too tight they will rub against your skin, and cause constant irritation. This may even lead to the development of sores.

Do not compromise on quality of the cycling shorts. A branded cycling short though costly tends to last longer and is more comfortable to wear. Cheap shorts usually are not that well cut and the fabric is of sub standard quality.

The best shorts are those that use a greater number of pieces. They are more durable and confirm to your body better. Also, go for those shorts which have been manufactured by flat seam stitching. They reduce the discomfort and the tendency of abrasions.

Today, synthetic crotch liners are in vogue. Earlier they were made using real chamois leather. A large one piece, smooth, absorbent and moderately padded liner is very comfortable. You realize the comfort only when you wear them. Avoid thick padding as they can crumple or chafe. Do not use gel inserts. They are extremely problematic as they block moisture transfer and cause dampness and irritation.

Tanning is a huge problem. It is for this reason the short shorts fondly remembered as the Belgian Shorts were replaced by ankle length shorts. Most of them have a high back and a low neck. The low neck gives space to the rider to lean forward comfortably and breathe easily while riding.

The elastic waistband works well as it expands or contracts according to the size of the rider’s waist. It can be supplemented with a drawstring also. The leg grippers should be of suitable width and carefully stitched. Rubber-like materials are best for designing well fitting grippers.

All cycling shorts are manufactured using spandex. Spandex is a stretchable fabric that is easily worn and can be made in all sizes. However, it needs to be maintained carefully. You must refrain from wringing your cycling shorts dry. This can cause the seams and the stitching to open especially if it is not a well known brand.

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