Get a customized road bike

There is nothing like a bicycle made to order. It has the right height, the right weight, the right feel and the right components. You can buy the parts separately and put together the bike or else get a customized bike made for you. The latter will cost more, because every part will have to be tailor-made. But the satisfaction will be immense. You would love riding the bike.

The first component you need to choose is the top tube. A person with a long torso needs a cycle with a long top tube. He can also get a longer handlebar stem but in that case he will have to sit with his weight over the front wheel. This will affect the handling of the bike, and is not advisable. A frame that has a longer top tube is better for you.

For women long top tubes are uncomfortable because they have to stretch too far. To compensate for it, many women turn the stem backwards or get a long seat post and a high-rising mountain bike stem.

The standard bicycle height is 47 cm on the smaller side and 63 cm on the higher side. Some manufacturers make 40 cm bikes for women but they use standard tubing that makes the ride uncomfortable. You will have to decide which height suits you most.

Besides the frame, the handlebar must have the correct width and depth and the crank arms should be of the right length. A “good feel” is the main thing -- that is the bike should neither be too stiff nor too supple but responsive and comfortable. The 73 degree angle given to the seat tube and head tube gives stability during long distance touring or long races.

Similarly, components such as seat post, bottom bracket, the headset and the hubs should be according to your requirements. You should also prefer a lightweight frame, as it makes the bike easier to handle.

Now since you are getting a bike as per your fancy you can use your aesthetic sense to make it look really attractive and trendy. The personal touch is the best part of a bike built to specifications.

It sounds great to have a bike of your dream but it can be expensive because special components and their fitting costs extra. Secondly, assembling takes time and you cannot buy the bicycle off the shelf. Then, specifications are difficult to ascertain. Only an experienced cyclist knows what he wants.

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