How to ride well

It is not difficult to learn cycling. But it takes special effort to learn how to ride well. Some people prefer to ride in a low position. This is not the correct posture. It is better to sit as tightly and in as narrow a posture as possible to reduce wind friction. The maximum efficiency is obtained when your body is completely lined with the body of the bicycle.

Your knee position is equally important. You should bend your knees at right angles to be able to ride in the correct riding posture. Often the correct riding posture makes your body streamlined and more aerodynamic. It also reduces the strain on the legs.

The best way to arrive at the correct knee position is the traditional way. You should place your bike on the trainer and sit square on the saddle. After this, place your heels on the pedals and pedal backwards. Now, adjust the height of your saddle. The right height is when your knees straighten with minimal hip movement. It may take you some time to arrive at this position, but it is time well spent.

While selecting a bike you should make sure that the handle bar is not very wide. Have it fixed in such a way that the distance between the top of the saddle and the handle bar is not more than four knuckles.

The positioning of arms is equally important. You should always place your hands over the brake lever hood. It is a neutral position and can help you apply the brakes comfortably. Also, the hands should not be angled in any position while you are holding the brake lever hood. A straight position works the best.

Many riders believe that the best way to ride is to get custom built bikes. They are not wrong. But to be able to take full advantage of these bikes you need to adjust your body position with careful guidance. You should place more weight on the back wheel rather than the front wheel. This will maximize bike control and increase the pedaling rate.

You also need to make necessary improvements in the riding position depending on how your body reacts to natural processes like aging and the loss of flexibility over a period of time. This too will reduce the strain on your body, and make riding a more pleasant experience.

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