What kind of bike should I buy?

When it comes to buying a bike, one often asks the question, “What kind of a bike should I buy?” The answer depends on what kind of riding you want to do. For serious off-road cycling, you need a sturdy mountain bike; for distance riding you need a fast, light and comfortable bike; for traveling you need a touring bike. You can even go in for a companion bike if you have to carry your child to school or spouse to work.

The choice is yours. Today, you have specialized bikes for specialized needs. Mountain bikes are usually heavy and have a higher rolling resistance. But they are the best to own if you live in a place with hills all around you. They run smoothly along single-tracks, along steep mountain trails and over rocks.

Cyclists who want to lug heavy items on their bicycles should go for a touring bike. These bikes are sturdy, stable and comfortable. More than that, they have several eyelets and forks that can be used to attach racks and cranks to place your non-cycling gear.

Seats are another important criteria. Do you need cycles with comfortable, recumbent seats or business-like, economy seats? The former will provide you more riding comfort and even protect you from saddle sores. The latter will make your bike look more streamlined and professional.

You may even consider a sports bike with a road racing frame and provision for triple cranks. Cranks are beneficial for those who are heavy or suffer from knee problems; they do not allow the pressure to fall on the knees when you are cycling on a stiff slope.

Buying a tandem is another possibility. These bikes are especially useful if you want to ride with a companion. They are made for two, but are more expensive than other bikes. You must weigh the pros and cons before investing in tandems. If you decide to buy a tandem then go for 700c wheels.

For those who need bikes for short rides to be made on well-laid cycle paths or paved roads a hybrid bike is a good choice. These bikes are comfortable with upright seats and are a pleasure to ride.

If you want your bike to stand out, you have another choice – you can buy a groovy cruiser. These bikes can be fitted with fancy components and used on cycle paths for short rides.

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